SuperFi believes in connecting you with your customers to create loyal fans through safe, reliable, business grade Wi-Fi. 


Guest Wi-Fi.  SuperFi makes it easier, safer and more reliable than you’ve ever experienced before, and that’s not even the Super part!

SuperFi then takes your entity’s most important initiatives and slams them front-and-center on every device that connects.  Want to grow Socially?  SuperFi will configure your network to require a Facebook Check-in for all friends and followers to see.  Want to directly advertise to your customers?  SuperFi will land them to specials or coupons for immediate call-to-action.  Have a message that’s Super important to get out there?  That’ll be the first thing they see.  Want to capture email addresses for your newsletter?  You get the point.

SuperFi can even project your network beyond the walls of your business, capturing opportunities from neighbors who don’t have SuperFi.


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