We make Wi-Fi faster, better, and productive.


Faster Wi-Fi

SuperFi uses only enterprise-class Wi-Fi devices that can handle your business traffic and still pump out the speeds you're expecting.   SuperFi can also structure bandwidth caps from the cloud, so one user doesn't ruin everyone else's experience.

Better Wi-Fi

The best Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi you don't have to worry about.  On top of enterprise-class devices, SuperFi monitors all of our access points from the cloud, 24/7.  

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Productive Wi-Fi

SuperFi is Wi-Fi with an awesome marketing twist.  As your customers connect to your SuperFi network, you can connect with them!  Prompt them to check in to your Facebook page, ask for their email address, send them to a custom landing page showing off your latest specials, and more.  SuperFi engages your customers with your most important, compelling message.

Reliable Wi-Fi

SuperFi ensures your Internet service passes through Enterprise Class wi-fi devices, such that your business actually receives the speeds it’s expecting over wi-fi.  SuperFi can also place caps on excessive bandwidth usage, so one user doesn’t ruin everyone else’s experience.  Finally, SuperFi is a tech-forward company and is constantly seeking out ways to improve your marketing options and your customers’ experience in wireless technology.

Easy WiFi

Technical expertise is no longer part of your guest wi-fi equation.  SuperFi monitors your network in the cloud and configures it remotely to meet your objectives.  Have a problem?  Give us a call or shoot us a support ticket.

Safe Wi-Fi

Most Wi-Fi access points allow users to see and communicate with one another.  For obvious reasons that’s not the sort of activity most businesses want for their customers, so SuperFi protects you by isolating devices from one another on your network.  SuperFi can filter adult content by default, which is inherently missing in most Wi-Fi strategies.  SuperFi allows your business the means by which to custom create terms of use to protect against liability.  Finally, SuperFi accomplishes all of this on a completely separate network on hardware that’s independent of any existing solutions, AND is monitored 24/7 by SuperFi technicians in the US of A.

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